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Sustainable development

The transformation of the Śnieżka Group towards sustainable development is extremely important to us. For the first time, we have given sustainable activities a strategic framework.

We manage the ESG area consciously and in a systematic way - which gives us readiness for market expectations and future challenges.

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100 %

green energy in 2022


of industrial waste recycled and reused

100,823 t CO₂e

Śnieżka's total carbon footprint (Scope 1, 2 and 3)

Green has got a meaning

At Śnieżka, we believe that colours matter. From an ESG perspective, green is particularly close to our hearts as it symbolically highlights the greenness of its operations. In terms of product, green signifies a pro-environmental approach to both their design process and production. In the context of 'People', we mean the development and safety of our employees and the support of local communities. And finally, green in the context of the organisation we mean business ethics and an efficient and digitally secure management system.

The Suppliers Code of Conduct

In the interests of a sustainable supply chain, we have developed a special document. In it, we have included expectations of our product and service suppliers in terms of their actions for, among other things, the environment and the community.

33 hospital wards

refurbished as part of the 'World in Colours' project

745 PLN thous.

value of donations

9.6 training hours

per employee

<5 %

adjusted salary gap


This is our original project for school students from all over Poland. It aims to popularise knowledge in biology and chemistry.

As part of a contest, schools can win funding to equip their laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment so that their students can develop a passion for science.


We have created a special educational website for employees. On a day-to-day basis, it is an invaluable resource full of specialised knowledge about our products and changes within the Group. It also helps new recruits with their induction or those returning to work after extended leave.

100 %

of the staff managers trained on the Value Book

100 %

of internal acts covered by an electronic supervision and documentation system

SAP Innovation

for a comprehensive digital transformation process


of Code of Ethics

Value Book update

We want the values communicated and implemented by us to be clear and unambiguously understood by everyone. Therefore, in 2022, we have introduced some changes that will help achieve this goal.


Our greatest achievement in recent years was a digital transformation of the Śnieżka Group. Thanks to it, we have strengthened the security of operational and customer data, improved logistics and sales, and even the functioning of the HR department.

By implementing the tenets of the new strategy, we are achieving the selected UN Sustainable Development Goals. In this way, we become part of a global initiative to improve the quality of life of communities and counteract the negative effects of climate change.

Piotr Mikrut the President of the Management Board

ESG news

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How do we understand a sustainable product?

A Product Liability throughout its life cycle is firmly embedded in the DNA of our business model.

Starting from the idea and research and development analyses, through the selection of suppliers, control of purchasing processes and the quality of materials, to production, sales and communication, and finally - use.

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We care about the health of users

The use of our products does not end when the paint or varnish is applied to a target surface.

We use the integrity of a painted wall with the rooms where users stay to reduce the presence of Volatile Organic Compounds in the air, as well as neutralize the presence of bacteria and fungi.

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We limit a negative impact

We do ourselves best to ensure that our activities maintain the highest standards of care for the environment

This applies both to the impact of our products and a production process itself. We manage the operations of our factories responsibly, creating our own good practices in the protection of natural resources. This also applies to our products, which are subject to stringent internal environmental safety requirements.

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  • 100%
    of our suppliers have been informed about the principles of ESG assessment we implement and have received the necessary documents and guidelines.

The Śnieżka Group is one of the market leaders in paints and preparations for wood protection and decoration in Poland, Hungary and Ukraine (in the segment of decorative products) as well as one of the leading manufacturers in the segment of gypsum putty in Belarus. The Śnieżka Group is among the 25 largest paint manufacturers in Europe.