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Śnieżka awarded for innovation in digitization

Śnieżka received the SAP Innovation Awards for the comprehensive process of digital transformation. The project called “Change IT” was implemented between 2018 and 2021. The effect is to streamline process management and increase Śnieżka's efficiency.

Śnieżka conducted the Change IT project as part of a wide-ranging and largest investment cycle in the company’s history. Digitization covered companies from the Śnieka Group located in the Sub-Carpathian region including FFiL Śnieżka SA, which includes modern logistics centre.  Change IT was one of the largest successful digitization projects in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe.

All departments of Śnieżka benefited from the introduction of modern SAP IT solutions. In the area of logistics and supply chain management, owing to Change IT, order fulfilment times were shortened, warehouse capacity was increased and work aimed at preparing goods in accordance with orders was optimized. The SAP implementation also had a positive impact on the work of finance, production and human resources management departments, which is crucial from the perspective of the entire Śnieżka Group as a large organization. In addition, thanks to the in-depth digitization, a modern platform for communication with customers and business partners has been developed in the sales area. Customers also gained the ability to precisely specify the parameters of the order, including the exact delivery time.

Digital transformation significantly supports Śnieżka’s development process thanks to the introduction of the state-of-the-art standards – for the benefit of employees, customers and business partners. Śnieżka’s up-to-date IT system makes it possible to aggregate a large amount of data in one place (cloud) and enables parallel access to it by employees from different departments. Concurrently, the system enables a comprehensive analysis of the obtained data, which contributes to making faster and more effective decisions by Śnieżka’s management staff.

Śnieżka’s comprehensive care for business was recognized

Comprehensive changes in the organization resulted in Śnieżka receiving the SAP Innovation Awards. During the SAP NOW 2022 conference, the award was collected by Zdzisław Czerwiec, Vice-President of Śnieżka SA, responsible for the supply chain management. In turn, Śnieżka’s path to digital transformation was presented painstakingly by Marek Niziołek, Director of Digital Transformation and IT at Śnieżka SA.

– Over the course of several years, we have gone through the Change IT process, which facilitated the optimization and automation of internal processes at Śnieżka. The solution implemented by the efforts of over a hundred of our employees is modern, flexible and scalable. Thus, it will support the functioning and further development of Śnieżka in the years to come and will continue to contribute to building the competitive advantage of the entire Śnieżka Group – says Zdzisław Czerwiec, Vice-President of FFiL Śnieżka SA.

The SAP Innovation Awards are awarded by SAP – one of the largest global developers of business process management software. SAP has distinguished companies that take advantage of modern solutions for 9 years – on the international arena. Winners from Poland receive a distinction during the SAP NOW industry conference, bringing together experts and practitioners in digitization.