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Community involvement

FFiL Śnieżka SA, as the parent company, sets the strategy, goals and priorities of community involvement for the entire Śnieżka Group.

The Strategic goals:

The implementation of community projects based on the competences and brands of the Śnieżka Group

Support for a local community at a place of business

Employees involvement in community activities

The Operational goals


Preparation of the assumptions for a project new scene (5th jubilee edition)


Conducting an evaluation survey among project winners

Community involvement

Development of assumptions and plans for the community involvement of brands

Min. 1% of gross profit

constitutes a budget for the community activities

Competence volunteering

Developing the principles of a competence volunteering pilot programme

The main pillars of community involvement


The community projects and other forms of involvement of the Group are focused around its vision. In relation to activities for the benefit of society, the message "Colours matter" - means "change for the better", "inspiration" and "joy". They are present in the lives of beneficiaries thanks to the projects implemented by the Group companies and its brands.


The companies of the Capital Group are engaged in the important activities for the residents of local communities. The Capital Group also carries out activities throughout the country, addressed to public entities located in small towns or in areas at a risk of the community exclusions.

Children and youth

The main beneficiaries of the Group's community activities are children and youth, their families and immediate surroundings. They are supported mainly in cooperation with or through public entities.


It is an initiative that aims to reveal the extraordinary world of chemistry and biology to students from all over Poland. We believe that every student has the potential to explore and change the world. Therefore, we are very keen to provide the best conditions for young people to freely and pleasantly explore the secrets of knowledge in the fields close to our industry.

Curiosity about the world is a natural feature that we observe in the youngest. Sometimes, however, this drive for knowledge is not enough. For example, special conditions are needed to fully understand chemistry. We believe that the lack of appropriate laboratory equipment should never be a reason to stop students from exploring the fascinating world of science. Thanks to modern laboratories, children can explore the secrets of science that have so far been inaccessible to them.

The fourth nationwide edition of the Koloratorium contest is behind us. The creativity and commitment of the pupils taking part in the competition has meant that the Sniezka colour laboratories can now be found almost all over Poland.

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Śnieżka Foundation

Another element of Śnieżka’s community involvement was the establishment of the Śnieżka Foundation in 2005.

1550 PLN

thousands amount of a support granted in 2022

>300 PLN

thousands amount of a prize pool in Koloratorium in 2022

33 branches

renovated throughout Poland within the part of "World in Colours" project

The activities of the Śnieżka Foundation focus on two pillars: education and health care. In both areas, we run the proprietary community programmes that have been providing measurable support not only locally but also nationwide for years.

Aleksandra Małozięć President of the Śnieżka Foundation

Key activity areas

The Foundation supports the educational mission of schools and other units carrying out educational, cultural or sporting activities. Over the years, it has been involved in the co-financing of many valuable initiatives, developing children and young people in many fields (including competitions, Olympiads and sports competitions). The proprietary “Prze-Ogarniacze” programme is particularly important here. Entrepreneurship in a different way, through which children learn about the value of money and money management strategies, how to care for the environment and how to engage wisely in community initiatives.


The nationwide project “The World in Colours” deserves a mention, which we have been implementing since 2005. As part of this project, 30 children’s wards in hospitals across Poland were renovated and painted, turning them into colourful and friendly spaces for small patients. Additionally, we renovated 2 local adult branches. In the new, ongoing version, we focus on supporting hospital wards of a child psychiatry.


Supporting neighbours in the face of war

In the first days of the conflict, it was crucial to provide transport and shelter to those who had got the opportunity to go to Poland. At that time, the team of Śnieżka-Ukraina played the role of volunteers: directing traffic, bringing help and – with supplies of products from Poland – taking care of food for people exhausted by a multi-day journey.

At a later stage, the company purchased and transferred further donations to Ukraine – including food, medicines, specialised dressing materials, clothing and equipment such as, e.g. Karrimats or sleeping bags, as well as torches or portable gas cookers.

320 PLN

thousand amount of support Śnieżka has allocated to help Ukraine, from the end of February 2022.

18 PLN

thousand amount of support Śnieżka has allocated to help Ukraine, from the end of February 2022.