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Sustainable products and packaging

The Strategic goal:

Use of packaging containing a certain % of recycled raw material in its formulation

Operational goals

Plastic packaging

50% packaging with a minimum of 10% recycled content

Metal packaging

Selection of packaging with a minimum of 50% recycled content

  • Assumptions under the Sustainable Development Strategy

    We endeavour to use sustainable packaging, i.e. having a minimum percentage of recycled raw material in a formulation. By keeping materials in economic circulation for longer (resulting from the concept of a closed circular economy), we reduce our negative impact on the environment. 

  • More eco-friendly packaging

    The selection of packaging will be based on current market analysis and available offerings. Where packaging with a higher proportion of such raw material is available, we will aim to select the more sustainable ones – subject to a positive qualitative and economic assessment of the respective offer. 

  • The best available solutions

    As the packaging market changes dynamically – resulting from technological advances, the availability of raw materials and the development of manufacturers’ offerings in this area – Śnieżka‘s goals and strategy in this area will be updated. 

We reduce our environmental impact by, among other things, increasing the efficiency of our products

Higher paint efficiency means less product necessary to paint a room. This, in turn, is associated with a lower impact on the environment through less consumption of raw materials and packaging.

In order to properly estimate the amount of paint needed, we provide customers with helpful conversion factors, both universal and for specific products. Thanks to the efficiency of specific paints and varnishes provided on the packaging, a customer can independently calculate the number of packages of a given product to buy.

We think about the environmental impact globally, also considering the direct impact on a user

The Research and Development Center of FFiL Śnieżka SA ensures continuous improvement of the product qualities of all Group companies. One of its key tasks is to optimise the formulations of paints and varnishes not only in terms of customer needs, but also environmental impact. Through the Centre’s activities, we directly contribute to improving the air quality in the areas where our products are used by reducing the Volatile Organic Compounds that can be released from paint on walls, for example.

We do realize that paints intended for rooms featuring high air humidity should be additionally protected to protect users against microorganisms such as mould and fungi that develop in these conditions.

Magnat Ceramic paints (Kitchen and Bathroom and Care) were tested for several strains of bacteria. We have examined whether a dry surface supports or hinders their development. Since bacterial contamination can occur at an earlier stage, we protect the product from spoilage, extending a usability-life. For painting bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms, we especially recommend Magnat Ceramic Kitchen & Bathroom paint. Its hydrophobic properties also allow protection against fungi, but also abrasion or the use of disinfectants. The Magnat Zacieki i plamy paint also has got anti-fungal properties. It is an undercoat paint recommended for particularly difficult or impossible to remove stains, such as grease or nicotine marks, but also this caused by a surface damping.