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Śnieżka SA

Fabryka Farb i Lakierów Śnieżka SA is a manufacturing company established in 1984, originating from the Sub-Carpathian region. It is the parent company of the Śnieżka Group - one of the 25 largest paint manufacturers in Europe.

The Śnieżka Group is one of the market leaders in paints and agents for protection and wood decoration in Poland, Hungary and Ukraine (in the segment of decorative products) and one of the leading manufacturers in the segment of gypsum putties in Belarus.


FFIL ŚNIEŻKA SA manufactures products for protection and decoration of various substrates, both for internal and external applications. They comprise, i.a. paints for walls and facades, products for painting wood and metal, putties for walls and wood, as well as thermal insulation systems. The products are sold under the following brands: Magnat, Śnieżka Vidaron, Rafil, Foveo-Tech, Ultra biel and Beston.


The Company operates on the basis of the principles of sustainable development, consciously managing its impact on the environment and society (including the local community) and applying high standards of corporate governance. The Śnieżka brand belongs to the group of the strongest consumer brands in Poland, and the Company itself is regularly awarded and highly appreciated – inter alia, rankings of the best employers, social initiatives and investor relations.

FFiL Śnieżka SA conducts research and development activities, taking advantage of its own specialized units – including the Research Laboratory equipped with a high-class chromatograph. The Company also owns a microbiological laboratory, whose role is to carry out advanced research on reducing the amount of biocides in products and optimizing recipes safe for health and the environment.

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Since 2003, the shares of Śnieżka SA have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and the Company’s shareholder structure is dominated by its founders and their successors, who control approximately 65% of votes at the general meeting. Since its debut on the stock exchange, FFiL Śnieżka SA has regularly paid dividends to its shareholders from the generated profits.

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