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Occupational Health and Safety

The Occupational Health and Safety of our employees and the safety of operational processes are regulated in Śnieżka as part of the Safety Management System. It focuses on three layers of security: technical, organizational and security in instructions and procedures.

The key to eliminating hazards that can lead to accidents and breakdowns is to build a safety culture through training and awareness, but also to continuously improve existing arrangements based on lessons learned and observations as a result of procedures and controls.

Our achievements in 2022 in the area of Occupational Health and Safety

Functioning of the Safety Management System

to minimise the risk of accidents

Training and a raising awareness of a

training programme as well as providing training for employees and others the working staffs on the company's premises, including subcontractors

100% of

subcontractors and employees trained in the OHS

Elimination of potential hazards

through occupational and fire safety inspections carried out according to a list

Activities in the area of safety

OHS issues in the Śnieżka Group are regulated in the Quality, Environment and OHS Policy, and the implementation activities in the area of OHS include, among others:

  • conducting activities in accordance with applicable legal regulations, including in the field of environmental protection and occupational health and safety;
  • continuous improvement of the effectiveness of control systems,
  • endeavouring to constantly improve the state of occupational health and safety,
  • implementation of measures to improve occupational health and safety and fire safety,
  • activation of the entire staff in the processes of creating safe and hygienic working conditions,
  • the raising of qualifications throughout thematic or general training,
  • the ensuring of adequate resources and financial means to implement the set goals,
  • an active participation of the all Company’s employees in a organization of work and improving the level of occupational and fire safeties.

The high standards of occupational safety are evidenced by the low number of accidents. In 2022, only three such events took place at FFiL Śnieżka SA.

The OHS committees and employee’s representatives

The all employees of FFiL Śnieżka SA are represented by selected Employee Representatives. It is a team of people appointed for a 4-year term of office. The scope of the team’s activities includes representing the interests of employees and presenting employee opinions to the Company Management Board in all aspects of employment, including related to occupational health and safety.

Employees participate in the work of the following Committees:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Committee – its task is to review working conditions, periodically assess the state of occupational health and safety, give opinions on measures taken by the employer to prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases, formulate proposals for the improving working conditions and cooperate with the employer in the implementation of its obligations in the field of occupational health and safety at work.
  • Company Examination Committee – examines 100% of employees working in non-managerial positions.
  • Fire and Technical Committee – it consists of engineering and technical services of the Parent Company, which, as part of their inspection activities, review the area, facilities and installations used by the Company and, using appropriate protocols, establish protective and preventive measures necessary to remove existing threats to health and life and in in the field of fire protection and evacuation of employees.
  • Company Anti-Harassment Committee – a scope of its activities has been discussed in the chapter on Human Rights.
  • Social Committee – annually disposes of the funds of the Company Social Benefits Fund, determining the principles of their disbursement and adjusting them to the needs of employees, has consultative and advisory powers regarding the assessment of the life and material situation of persons entitled to the benefits of the Fund and applies for the granting of these benefits.