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Śnieżka for the sixth time was found in „European Coatings” ranking

For the sixth year in a row, the Śnieżka Group was found among the 25 largest European manufacturers of paint and varnish products in Europe. Their ranking was prepared by "European Coatings" magazine based on last year's revenues. Śnieżka once again as the only one represents the region of Central and Eastern Europe in the ranking.

Śnieżka’s position in this year’s “European Coatings” ranking (25th) was provided by the revenues generated in 2022 in the paints and varnishes category. Sales of the Group’s products included in the ranking amounted to EUR 158 million (in the previous year it: EUR 161 million). The total consolidated revenues of the Śnieżka Group last year were generated at the level of EUR 168.9 million, i.e. PLN 791.7 million.

Śnieżka once more generated revenues that ensured it a place among the largest European manufacturers in the industry. We have maintained this position for over five years. Our constant development as an organization allows us to effectively compete on the market and be included in the prestigious group of the 25 largest companies in our industry in Europe.

Aleksandra Małozięć Corporate Communication and ESG Director

For the first time, Śnieżka was found on the list of 25 largest European manufacturers of paint and varnish products in 2018. Since then it has been the only Polish company in the ranking, and also the only representative of industry companies from the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

The ranking prepared by the “European Coatings” magazine (published by the German publishing house Vincentz Network) is based on the manufacturers’ annual revenues from the sale of decorative and protective coatings.  Only companies with headquarters in Europe are classified in it.