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Upon the Śnieżka-Ukraina company’s initiative a guide “Painting and finishing works” came into being

"Painting and Finishing Works" - is a title of a textbook, which can currently be used by Ukrainian students of vocational schools with a construction major. The publication officially included in the Ukrainian curriculum was developed by the Śnieżka-Ukraina team in cooperation with methodologists. The study is the culmination of eight years of cooperation between Śnieżka-Ukraina and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The textbook was presented on May 4, 2022 as part of an online meeting organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry and Śnieżka-Ukraina, as well as the authors of the textbook, consultants and reviewers. The meeting was broadcast on Facebook.

Śnieżka-Ukraina has been collaborating with vocational schools for over 8 years. A essential element of the Company’s cooperation with educational institutions is providing the Śnieżka Training and Practical Centres established upon the company’s initiative with methodological materials, product presentations and video tutorials. One of the most important achievements of the Śnieżka-Ukraina company under the Śnieżka Training and Practical Centres project is the development of the manual “Painting and Finishing Works”, which was prepared taking into account the state educational standards for vocational education.

The theoretical part of the book was developed by two authors: Walentyna Guziuk, a methodologist at the Centre for Education and Methodology of Vocational Education in the Lviv region, and Tamara Fedeczko, an expert on international projects in the field of educational programs dedicated to vocational schools with a construction major.  While developing the content of the textbook, the authors worked closely with a working group established in the Marketing and Training Departments of Śnieżka-Ukraina under the Marketing Director’s, Oksana Kukurudz.

The book consists of nine chapters. The content included general materials on paints and varnishes with illustrations on the practical application of Śnieżka and Foveo-Tech products and technologies.

In turn, in the “Learning about colour” section, students can find information that will help them master the knowledge of the use of colours in practice, and thus shape their creative approach necessary in professions such as: painter, plasterer or facade contractor. Thanks to this knowledge, students will be able to improve their competence in decorating, arranging and designing.

The development and availability of the “Painting and Finishing Works” textbook is an important step in the training of qualified construction specialists.  Its PDF version will be particularly useful when learning online. The textbook is available to all interested parties and it can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as from the Śnieżka-Ukraina website.