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The Śnieżka Foundation renovated the gynaecology and obstetrics ward in Dębica in a spring-like manner

The Śnieżka Foundation renovated the Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Oncology Ward in Dębica, thus fulfilling its mission in the area of local activity. The official presentation, which was held on April 7, is a summary of the work thanks to which the patients can feast their eyes on feminine wall decorations in newly renovated interiors. This is the second - apart from the children's - ward of the Health Care Facility in Dębica, which was renovated and beautified owing to the Śnieżka’s support.

The presentation of the Gynaecology and Obstetrics and Oncology Ward was attended by the local authorities and hospital employees – including the general director Przemysław Wojtys, the head of the ward Bogusław Gawlik and the ward midwife Małgorzata Szpunar – as well as representatives of the Śnieżka Foundation.

– As the female part of the Śnieżka Foundation team, we particularly feel the essence of making the difference in the ward, which is dedicated to women. Undoubtedly, a woman who crosses the threshold of a hospital ward and becomes its patient is still a woman. We hope that the aesthetics of the environment – which is so crucial to us – will allow the patients to maintain a state of harmony and balance during their stay in the hospital – says Agnieszka Węgrzyn, member of the board of the Śnieżka Foundation.

In spring, flowers even blossomed on the walls

Thanks to the work performed gynaecology ward in Dębica, spring has arrived. Not only did the Śnieżka Foundation refresh the rooms and corridors, but also took care of the aesthetics of the surroundings and feminine, pastel colours. The floral decorations were made by an artist from the Sub-Carpathian region, Joanna Jeleniewska, who – again in collaboration with Śnieżka – put a lot of heart into making the paintings.

In order to make the renovation of the ward rooms complete and fully professional, it was necessary to carry out smoothing, priming and painting. As much as 2,758 kg of putty, 617 litres of paint and 510 litres of primer were used altogether.  The work also included the installation of tender guards.  The Śnieżka Foundation allocated a total of over PLN 127,000 for the renovation of the gynaecological ward in Dębica.

Śnieżka has been supporting the local community for years

The Śnieżka Foundation again concentrated on the local community’s needs. After supporting children’s and youth psychiatric wards in Łańcut in the Sub-Carpathian region at the end of last year, it directed its attention to help the hospital in Dębica, which is located near the headquarters of the founding company of the Foundation. The ward in Dębica is already the 32nd facility supported.

– Engaging in activities for the benefit of the local community remains an important element of our foundation’s mission, thus we intend to continue supporting the hospital in Dębica. Currently, together with the management we are preparing for another renovation, which this time will cover the local internal ward – announced Aleksandra Małozięć, the President of the Śnieżka Foundation.

The aforementioned Children’s Ward in Dębica was one of the first to have received assistance. Śnieżka renovated it again in 2019 – as the 30th in a row. At that time, the walls of the ward were decorated with motifs related to local history following the principle of “teaching while having fun”, and small patients also gained a play area.